Rise of the CCO

A deep dive into the hedge fund compliance function and evolving role of the dedicated chief compliance officer
April 2018

Report Overview

Compliance is a vitally important part of any hedge fund business. But is its rising prominence being reflected in more resources and support for chief compliance officers (CCOs)? Many hedge fund founders see the role of designated compliance officer first and foremost as a regulatory necessity, prompting CCOs to fight for additional investment even as a firm’s regulatory burden and business complexity increases. HFM’s latest Insights report, Rise of the CCO 2018, offers a deep dive into the compliance function and evolving role of the dedicated CCO, seeking to measure not only their number but the ramifications their rise has had elsewhere.


In the report:

  • 26 data exhibits across 38 pages utilising proprietary data and research;
  • Detailed statistics on the managers with and without a dedicated CCO;
  • Analysis of the drivers behind the trend and its impact on other staff;
  • Insights on how compliance professionals are overcoming challenges;
  • A rundown of the most popular compliance consultants; and much more;