Staffing Trends 2020

The latest data and analysis on hedge fund teams and recruitment, including the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on hiring activity, the size and structure of IR and marketing departments, and rankings of the ‘leanest’ billion-dollar club managers by staff per assets
June 2020

Report Overview

Hedge fund managers have curbed their plans to add technologists but are continuing to seek front office talent, despite the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic, new research from HFM shows. In addition to the latest hiring activity, HFM’s Staffing Trends 2020 report provides the latest data on team sizes and composition, and rankings of the industry’s ‘leanest’ billion-dollar club managers.

Key findings include:

  • European managers tend to have bigger back offices than US managers
  • Smaller firms have curbed their hiring plans, the largest firms haven’t
  • US managers have finally started splitting IR/marketing into two teams
  • The ten ‘leanest’ hedge fund investment teams are all at equity shops
  • Less than 20% of $5bn+ European managers have a dedicated CCO