Tech Vendor Rankings and Ratings

The biggest and best-rated OEMS, PMS, CRM systems, cybersecurity vendors, cloud providers and MSP in the hedge fund industry
May 2020

Report Overview

Which tech vendors have the most hedge fund clients? According to HFM’s latest Insights report: SS&C Eze (OEMS and PMS), Salesforce (CRM systems), eSentire (cybersecurity), and Microsoft Azure (cloud services). Where do your tech vendors rank? And how do their products/services rate for ‘value for money’, ‘interconnectivity’ and the like? Read HFM’s Tech Vendor Rankings and Ratings report to find out.

Key findings include:

  • 21 data exhibits and related ‘actions’ based on HFM research;
  • Rankings for vendors across six fields, including OEMS and PMS;
  • Ratings for vendors across five metrics, including interconnectivity;
  • The hedge fund tech brands that most managers consider ‘tier 1’;
  • Insights into lesser-known tech vendors; and much more

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