Investor Relations

The Marketing Lifecycle

How a hedge fund manager’s marketing strategy changes as it grows and the events prompting IR professionals to adapt their plans
May 2019

Report Overview

How does a hedge fund firm’s marketing strategy change as it grows? And to what extent are IRs and marketers at today’s emerging managers on a different path to IRs and marketers at the emerging managers of yesteryear? From informal versus formal marketing styles, to the events that prompt change and the problems with peaking, across 25 exhibits and related ‘Actions’, HFM’s The Marketing Lifecycle report has the answers.

Key findings include:

  • Drawdowns and key-staff departures are the main reasons IRs change tack
  • 90% of investors say hedge funds peak early – and 50% of managers agree
  • Nearly half of institutional investors want to meet a hedge fund founder’s heir
  • The success of younger firms has made older $1bn+ firms think about brand
  • New managers outperform older managers in bull markets, and much more

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