The Ops Team

The size, structure and direction of the contemporary hedge fund operations team
August 2019

Report Overview

From a rise in outsourcing to competition for talent, hedge fund operations teams face a number of hurdles. Are COOs doing enough to nurture the next generation of ops leaders? How many managers have a separate CFO? And do investors care? HFM’s latest Insights report, The Ops Team, answers these questions and more, looking at the size and structure of the archetypal hedge fund ops function and the direction in which it is headed.

In the report:

• 29 exhibits across 40 pages built upon proprietary data and research;
• Investor expectations with regard to hedge fund operations teams;
• Information on the backgrounds and previous occupations of COOs;
• Analysis of the changing nature of the hedge fund COO role;
• Ops team remuneration stats from junior to COO; and much more

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