Annual Review

The Year In Insights – 2017

A look back at some of the most important findings and statistics from HFM’s first Insights research reports
March 2018

Report Overview

Twelve months after its inception, Insights has interviewed or surveyed over 250 hedge professionals and/or allocators and produced 8 new reports. This, our latest document, is less a new report, more a look back at the research conducted during 2017 – a collection of some of our most important findings and statistics. From our operations research conducted in April and May 2017, via technology research conducted in July and August 2017, to investor relations research conducted in October and November 2017, the team has covered a range of topics and themes, and plans to expand its horizons further still in 2018.

Insights research in 2017  

  • 3 quarterly themes: Operations, Technology and Investor Relations
  • 8 reports: including prime brokerage, cyber-security, and new business
  • 1 further report based on 2017 data: Client Communications, due May
  • 143 data exhibits, the vast majority based on proprietary HFM data
  • 250+ hedge fund industry interviewees and survey respondents