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Squarepoint Capital hires BlueMountain PM

Ersin Karaoglu joins quant after 12 years at multi-strategy firm

Top 10 Ucits platforms H1 2019

Overall assets drop 4% despite flurry of Ucits activity in first half of year

Knowing what you own

Magnetar white paper series offers new insights on alternative risk premia

Helping you cut through the noise

Go beyond the headlines, with data-driven insights and sharp analysis of US hedge funds and the industry’s latest trends. Hone in on strategy specialists, understand how your peers are performing through comprehensive analysis and focused reporting on specific sector trends.

Vilas Capital adds to short positions in Netflix, Boeing, Amazon

The fund has returned roughly 12% annually since inception

Hedge fund veterans prepare for a new era in cannabis

Niche players emerge as Washington considers banking reform

Rethinking managed futures and asset allocation

Allocators should evaluate the performance of managed futures strategies based on the returns of the sector (before fees) – just as they would with traditional asset classes.

Focusing the spotlight on market performance

Knowing that knowledge is key, we ensure you are aware of all the latest changes, decisions and developments influencing the Asian hedge fund sector. Concentrating on the data, we analyse performance from funds based there and activity from allocators investing in the region.

Diginex hires ex-Rafiki CIO and preps crypto launch

Digital assets specialist preps fund of crypto hedge funds after receiving regulatory nod over the summer

Asia performance back on track

The average hedge fund performance for H1 stands at 4%, a marked improvement from the -1.5% returns it generated this time last year

The war is far from over

Hedge funds now have to work in a period of geopolitical conflict that could last decades

Providing peer intelligence and market analysis

Focusing on performance from across the European single manager hedge fund community, we publish information on the latest achievements and disappointments within the space, in addition to data driven analysis of strategy trends and asset-raising, including Billion Dollar Club research.

Brummer reassures investors as market turbulence sparks losses

BMS gain in 2019 halved during momentum sell-off and sharp market moves in September

Flows Watch: Rising redemptions take shine off July gains

Investors still not convinced by this year’s resurgence in hedge fund performance

Bubble economics: the active vs passive debate

The reaction sparked by Michael Burry’s comments is a sign of the times, writes Drew Dickson

Unravelling the industry jargon

We provide informed news, analysis and opinion to keep you ahead on regulatory changes, alongside practical insights on how leading hedge fund legal professionals from firms across the globe are dealing with regulatory, tax and compliance trends.

FCA picks ex-RBS pro as oversight director

Sheree Howard has over 25 years’ experience in banking, insurance

Holding US hedge fund managers accountable

How the UK’s SM&CR regime will impact US hedge funds

SEC social media exam sweep for hedge funds

Regulator has sent requests to hedge funds targeting electronic communications

Keeping you ahead of the asset-raising curve

Discover in-depth coverage on how allocators view the hedge fund sector, including the latest searches and mandates they release, in addition to guidance from successful industry peers and thought leadership on dealing with new regulations, technologies and challenges.

Anne Arundel County trims Bridgewater allocation

Pension reallocates $95m among core, EM fixed income, int’l equity

H1 2019 FoHF Billion Dollar Club

1.3% H1 asset increase helps multi-managers recover from 2018 losses but many still dogged by outflows

Bridging the gap

The IR role has changed significantly, with product knowledge, innovative tech application and relationship management skills being key, as Aima’s Michelle Noyes explores

Staying ahead on hedge fund innovation

This is a vital source of information for anyone working in the hedge fund technology space. We provide you with news on important trends and analysis on how your peers are adopting new technologies and dealing with tech-driven operational and compliance concerns and opportunities.

Charles River boosts IMS analytics with MSCI integration

Latest portfolio management integration enhances risk modelling

The Capital One breach: an infosec cautionary tale

When it comes to data security, it takes a village. Here’s what the biggest financial data breach of the year can teach hedge funds.

Life beyond Excel: paving the way for data visualisation

Northern Trust’s Peter Sanchez advocates for data visualisation amid a sea of spreadsheets and data sources

Keeping your finger on the managed futures pulse

Supporting futures specialists and commodity traders, we provide practical advice on regional regulations impacting the sector and detailed analysis of influencing trends. By conducting regular interviews with peers and serious investors in the space, we ensure you have the latest insights and intelligence at your disposal.

DE Shaw taps Apollo for consultant relations head

Michael Holt joins $50bn quant giant in New York office

Trend-followers vs instability

Global political upheaval poses a new challenge for systematic managers in search of clear trends

Corn: Demand, supply and the next price high

What moves the price of the popular agricultural commodity

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