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Lazard veteran preps macro launch

David Cleary readies two global macro strats with Timber Point Asset Management

Investors yank money from US alt mutuals at five times rate of HFs

Redemptions and losses plunge ’40 Act alternative mutual fund assets back to 2013 levels

Mifid II: Covid-19 prompts ‘quick fix’ changes

Proposals to amend the current text could get published before the year end

Helping you cut through the noise

Go beyond the headlines, with data-driven insights and sharp analysis of US hedge funds and the industry’s latest trends. Hone in on strategy specialists, understand how your peers are performing through comprehensive analysis and focused reporting on specific sector trends.

AQR’s Cliff Asness critiques tail-risk hedging

‘Black Swan’ theorist Nassim Nicholas Taleb takes on manager

Double down: Cliff Asness interview

AQR founder still sees ‘largest opportunity ever’ in systematic value

Companies’ true essence visible in the Covid-19 crisis

Schulte Roth & Zabel pros discuss shareholder activism

Focusing the spotlight on market performance

Knowing that knowledge is key, we ensure you are aware of all the latest changes, decisions and developments influencing the Asian hedge fund sector. Concentrating on the data, we analyse performance from funds based there and activity from allocators investing in the region.

Turbulence-hit LMR makes trio of hires after three PMs exit

The $7bn multi-strategy firm adds hires from BFAM, UBS and JPMorgan

Asia hedge fund assets stay flat

According to AsiaHedge data, the largest HF managers in the region continued to grow

The end of cautious optimism

Asia’s hedge fund industry should simply be optimistic for 2020

Providing peer intelligence and market analysis

Focusing on performance from across the European single manager hedge fund community, we publish information on the latest achievements and disappointments within the space, in addition to data driven analysis of strategy trends and asset-raising, including Billion Dollar Club research.

Big name managers target Italy after shorting bans lifted

AQR, Citadel, Marshall Wace among firms to target Italian lenders, industrials

New funds survey: European launches plateau in 2019

Hedge fund launch numbers remain rooted at low post-crisis levels

Five ways coronavirus will affect markets and finance

Horatius Capital founder Dominic Armstrong shares his views in investor letter

Unravelling the industry jargon

We provide informed news, analysis and opinion to keep you ahead on regulatory changes, alongside practical insights on how leading hedge fund legal professionals from firms across the globe are dealing with regulatory, tax and compliance trends.

One William Street hires dedicated CCO

Credit shop hires ex-Tourbillon pro in NYC HQ

Will hedge funds throw up the gates again?

Managers review liquidity management tools as they brace for potential redemption demands

Fund domiciliation

Legal, regulatory and economic stability is key

Keeping you ahead of the asset-raising curve

Discover in-depth coverage on how allocators view the hedge fund sector, including the latest searches and mandates they release, in addition to guidance from successful industry peers and thought leadership on dealing with new regulations, technologies and challenges.

Advent Capital loses $150m MassPrim mandate

Termination attributed to allegations of harassment and discrimination at $9bn hedge fund; Advent says Prim didn’t give firm the opportunity to respond

Founder shares decline but remain an emerging manager staple

Non-equity funds offering founder classes a minority, research shows

Why managers should consider the retail market

Global wealth has grown to over $200trn and recent flows suggest that individual investors are turning back to active management

Staying ahead on hedge fund innovation

This is a vital source of information for anyone working in the hedge fund technology space. We provide you with news on important trends and analysis on how your peers are adopting new technologies and dealing with tech-driven operational and compliance concerns and opportunities.

Cerberus hires tech veteran in MD role

Nana Banerjee joined Cerberus’ tech subsidiary in March

Investors increase scrutiny on hedge fund lockdown tech

As funds and investors alike hit their stride in working from home, questions move from the short- to the medium-term

The green future of real estate funds

Maitland’s Kavitha Ramachandran on why automation holds the key to ESG adherence

Keeping your finger on the managed futures pulse

Supporting futures specialists and commodity traders, we provide practical advice on regional regulations impacting the sector and detailed analysis of influencing trends. By conducting regular interviews with peers and serious investors in the space, we ensure you have the latest insights and intelligence at your disposal.

Vol-hit Renaissance misses market rebound

Jim Simons’ firm is reassessing its market exposure models

Raising capital in the time of Covid-19

CTAs passed the market test but social-distancing measures hamper outreach to new clients

Why managers should consider the retail market

Global wealth has grown to over $200trn and recent flows suggest that individual investors are turning back to active management

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