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EnTrustPermal expands management committee

Direct lending and co-investment execs join top team

Opportunity knocks

How are hedge funds capitalising on ‘ozones’?

Product development for crypto funds

What to consider to ensure alignment of interest

Helping you cut through the noise

Go beyond the headlines, with data-driven insights and sharp analysis of US hedge funds and the industry’s latest trends. Hone in on strategy specialists, understand how your peers are performing through comprehensive analysis and focused reporting on specific sector trends.

Senator bets big on Equifax revival

The credit ratings company is among Senator’s top ten equity holdings, but effects of the data breach linger on.

Are hedge funds losing their hedge?

Under pressure from institutional investors, some of the industry’s best-known managers have gravitated towards long-only strategies.

Product development critical for crypto funds

By Brice Wilson, Global head of asset management, XBTO Group

Focusing the spotlight on market performance

Knowing that knowledge is key, we ensure you are aware of all the latest changes, decisions and developments influencing the Asian hedge fund sector. Concentrating on the data, we analyse performance from funds based there and activity from allocators investing in the region.

Blockchain-enabled wealth manager launches in Singapore

Xen will provide its investors access to hedge funds while allowing them to trade their holdings on a blockchain-enabled trading platform

In Brief: October

Stock markets across the globe plunge in October

India: Crisis of liquidity or confidence?

Financial markets find plenty of reasons to worry about emerging markets, but a ‘shadow banking’ crisis in India should not be one of them – says Katalin Gingold at Cartica Management

Providing peer intelligence and market analysis

Focusing on performance from across the European single manager hedge fund community, we publish information on the latest achievements and disappointments within the space, in addition to data driven analysis of strategy trends and asset-raising, including Billion Dollar Club research.

Philippe Jabre departs – read the full investor letter

Former GLG manager draws curtain on 35-year investing career

Flows Watch: Redemptions add to October pain

All but two European hedge fund strategies contracted last month

Frontier fortunes

Reflecting on a turbulent year for emerging market hedge funds

Unravelling the industry jargon

We provide informed news, analysis and opinion to keep you ahead on regulatory changes, alongside practical insights on how leading hedge fund legal professionals from firms across the globe are dealing with regulatory, tax and compliance trends.

SEC to reconsider marketing and advertising rules

Rules to be modernised to address social media and technology

HFMcompliance Peer Review: Whistleblowing

As whistleblower reports and awards continue to increase in the US, there has been a steady decline in the number…

HFMcompliance Peer Review: Whistleblowing

As whistleblower reports and awards continue to increase in the US, there has been a steady decline in the number…

Keeping you ahead of the asset-raising curve

Discover in-depth coverage on how allocators view the hedge fund sector, including the latest searches and mandates they release, in addition to guidance from successful industry peers and thought leadership on dealing with new regulations, technologies and challenges.

EnTrustPermal expands management committee

Direct lending and co-investment execs join top team

Data: FoHFs lose 2% for October in negative start to final quarter

Decline marks worst month for HFM InvestHedge Composite Index since May 2010

Undercover IR: Benefits without barriers?

The co-investment space is in vogue for investors and managers alike, but both sides should approach with care

Staying ahead on hedge fund innovation

This is a vital source of information for anyone working in the hedge fund technology space. We provide you with news on important trends and analysis on how your peers are adopting new technologies and dealing with tech-driven operational and compliance concerns and opportunities.

All systems go for US security token platform

OpenFinance Network tool the first of its kind to go live in the US, developers say

Breakfast in the clouds

HFM event charts the flight of managers towards IT-outsourcing skies

Secret technologist: Regtech regrets

Low uptake and tech illiteracy can frustrate progress with KYC, AML solutions

The must-read brand for leading managers

Informed business intelligence service for the global alternative credit sector, providing exclusive news, informed analysis and considered opinion on a diverse array of alt credit strategies. We also provide detailed data on allocators active in this area and comprehensive performance data to benchmark your performance.

Macquarie IM appoints new EM debt head

Ex-Standish Mellon pro joins as division director in New York, with additional hires planned in the near future

Fixing the roof while the sun shines

Despite a growing economy and a low default rate, investors are conscious of late cycle behaviour and are beginning to prepare for a distressed cycle by James Harvey

Looking under the hood of private credit funds

Direct lending has been the topic du jour over the last few years in Europe. But with so many new managers and strategies coming to market, MUFG’s Heather Budd talks to Alt Credit about what investors can look for when choosing a manager when there’s little track record to go on

Keeping your finger on the managed futures pulse

Supporting futures specialists and commodity traders, we provide practical advice on regional regulations impacting the sector and detailed analysis of influencing trends. By conducting regular interviews with peers and serious investors in the space, we ensure you have the latest insights and intelligence at your disposal.

Man Group updates responsible investment strategy

Firm-wide exclusion policy prohibits investments in controversial arms

Futures stars: 12 for 2019

CTA Intelligence presents its annual selection of promising new managers and launches tipped to become Futures Stars

Lifting the lid on cryptocurrency trading

FQS Capital’s Robert Frey breaks down the various opportunities and risks involved with investing and trading in alternative digital currencies

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