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Constellation opens second west coast office in Los Angeles

Investment management consultant hires Ian Holroyd and Kathy Pommet to lead operations

Looking beyond Mayfair

The exclusive London postcode retains its allure for many, but its reign may not be as secure as it once was

Will DWS Ucits sale help revive platform’s fortunes?

Alma, backed by EnTrust Global, hopes to reverse fortunes in sector of squeezed margins

Helping you cut through the noise

Go beyond the headlines, with data-driven insights and sharp analysis of US hedge funds and the industry’s latest trends. Hone in on strategy specialists, understand how your peers are performing through comprehensive analysis and focused reporting on specific sector trends.

Cooperman applies pressure to Fortress-backed New Media

The former Omega Advisors investor said the company should cut its dividend and buy back shares

Spinoffs could make United Technologies merger hedge fund target

The multi-billion dollar deal may create unusual trading opportunities outside of the traditional risk arbitrage playbook

Rethinking managed futures and asset allocation

Allocators should evaluate the performance of managed futures strategies based on the returns of the sector (before fees) – just as they would with traditional asset classes.

Focusing the spotlight on market performance

Knowing that knowledge is key, we ensure you are aware of all the latest changes, decisions and developments influencing the Asian hedge fund sector. Concentrating on the data, we analyse performance from funds based there and activity from allocators investing in the region.

Schonfeld boosts Asia team

The multi-strategy manager hires ex-Nomura Chris Antonelli as new co-head for its Asia business and took on board several portfolio managers from Dymon Capital and Karst Peak

‘Business as usual’ but some fearful as Hong Kong protests

Some hedge fund professionals in Hong Kong expect short-term volatility but no longer-term impacts from this week’s protests. Yet, others offer more pessimistic viewpoints

Understanding prime numbers

Every year AsiaHedge’s data team takes a detailed look at the region’s prime brokerage landscape. Months of crunching numbers means…

Providing peer intelligence and market analysis

Focusing on performance from across the European single manager hedge fund community, we publish information on the latest achievements and disappointments within the space, in addition to data driven analysis of strategy trends and asset-raising, including Billion Dollar Club research.

GAM Systematic Cantab chiefs on growth prospects

Ewan Kirk, who founded Cantab, and GAM’s Anthony Lawler discuss their unit’s future

Strategy focus: Macro malaise?

Nektar, Sweden’s longest-running hedge fund, becomes the latest macro fund to shutter amid a tough investment environment

Woodford scandal shows no room for complacency

However distracting, the scrutiny hedge funds have faced since 2008 serves an important purpose

Unravelling the industry jargon

We provide informed news, analysis and opinion to keep you ahead on regulatory changes, alongside practical insights on how leading hedge fund legal professionals from firms across the globe are dealing with regulatory, tax and compliance trends.

ALFI appoints Fidelity legal pro as chair

Luxembourg funds industry body also appoints new board

SEC updates fiduciary duty standard for investment advisers

Reg BI impact on private funds still unknown; lawyers question implications of clarification issued

60 seconds with…

The newly hired CCO at a $1bn-plus London hedge fund

Keeping you ahead of the asset-raising curve

Discover in-depth coverage on how allocators view the hedge fund sector, including the latest searches and mandates they release, in addition to guidance from successful industry peers and thought leadership on dealing with new regulations, technologies and challenges.

Silver Point nabs $250m Wisconsin mandate

Investment board also ups allocations to Dorsal, Holocene

INPRS: In it for the long run

Indiana’s retirement system is sticking with its absolute return portfolio as many other pensions are throwing in the towel

Benefits and practical considerations of insurance-dedicated funds

Kleinberg Kaplan examines the tax benefits of these specialised structures

Staying ahead on hedge fund innovation

This is a vital source of information for anyone working in the hedge fund technology space. We provide you with news on important trends and analysis on how your peers are adopting new technologies and dealing with tech-driven operational and compliance concerns and opportunities.

Pico hires ICE sales leader to spearhead Emea growth

Emma Wheeler will join the business in July

Fund shops eye AI, machine learning for trade surveillance

Bankers and fund groups are working with tech firms to see how ML and other forms of AI can help automate and enhance trade surveillance

New ML approaches are unlocking unique investment insights

New machine learning platforms can be quickly and accurately tailored to unlock investment strategy insights. Charles Brecque, CX Operations Manager at MindFoundry, explains how these new platforms are enabling investment analysts to take on the role of citizen data scientist for the first time.

Keeping your finger on the managed futures pulse

Supporting futures specialists and commodity traders, we provide practical advice on regional regulations impacting the sector and detailed analysis of influencing trends. By conducting regular interviews with peers and serious investors in the space, we ensure you have the latest insights and intelligence at your disposal.

Lazard adds Baylight Capital to quant equity platform

All client assets managed by the California-based firm are transitioning to LAM

CFM: The rewards of research

French quant giant targets long-only growth and partnership with Columbia University

Reshaping the investment management landscape

The mainstreaming of machine learning may increase the overlap between CTAs and multi-factor quants

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