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Magnetar founder picks up top HFM US award

DE Shaw, Citadel and Quest Partners among other big winners at last night’s New York ceremony

Assets of $10bn-plus ‘super club’ continue to rise

The biggest names account for half of industry assets, latest Billion Dollar Club survey finds

Ireland’s Ucits performance fee review

Practical steps for hedge fund managers

Helping you cut through the noise

Go beyond the headlines, with data-driven insights and sharp analysis of US hedge funds and the industry’s latest trends. Hone in on strategy specialists, understand how your peers are performing through comprehensive analysis and focused reporting on specific sector trends.

Vaping boom fuels double-digit Mudrick gains

Mudrick emerged as the majority owner of NJOY last year following the e-cigarette company’s bankruptcy.

Something old, something new – the U.S. housing market

A decade later, hedge funds are still riding the mortgage wave.

Batting averages and boardrooms

By Dominique Mielle, former partner at Canyon Capital.

Focusing the spotlight on market performance

Knowing that knowledge is key, we ensure you are aware of all the latest changes, decisions and developments influencing the Asian hedge fund sector. Concentrating on the data, we analyse performance from funds based there and activity from allocators investing in the region.

Ascalon offloads minority stake in Athos Capital

Athos’ founding principals again own 100% of the Hong Kong-based event-driven fund manager

Asia managers get creative with fund terms

Asian hedge fund managers are taking a fresh approach to drafting their fund documents to satisfy changing investor demands. It’s no longer all about fees

Time for reflection

As summer ends and we make our way into the latter stages of the year there can be a tendency…

Providing peer intelligence and market analysis

Focusing on performance from across the European single manager hedge fund community, we publish information on the latest achievements and disappointments within the space, in addition to data driven analysis of strategy trends and asset-raising, including Billion Dollar Club research.

Energy hedge funds enjoy September surge

Northlander Commodity Advisors now Europe’s top fund of 2018

August brings reprieve for under-fire CTAs

As CTAs face scrutiny, Florin Court’s Doug Greenig explains how his fund adapted its approach

Editor’s letter: Surviving the summer

Reviewing events in August – and introducing the September issue

Unravelling the industry jargon

We provide informed news, analysis and opinion to keep you ahead on regulatory changes, alongside practical insights on how leading hedge fund legal professionals from firms across the globe are dealing with regulatory, tax and compliance trends.

Artivest hires Kamal Jafarnia as GC and CCO

Jafarnia replaces Cynthia Aragon in the COO role

Brexit, Mifid II and rising costs: What is on the mind of European CCOs?

Dealing with Mifid II and GDPR and managing compliance costs were top concerns at this year’s European Legal Summit

What the SEC’s best execution risk alert means for hedge funds

Regulator highlights expectations in maximising client value

Keeping you ahead of the asset-raising curve

Discover in-depth coverage on how allocators view the hedge fund sector, including the latest searches and mandates they release, in addition to guidance from successful industry peers and thought leadership on dealing with new regulations, technologies and challenges.

Blackstone’s Tom Hill to make exit after 25 years

Baam chairman to retire and step down at the end of this year

ESG: Mind the gaps

The focus on sustainability is growing among allocators, but not all managers are willing or able to adapt, HFM InvestHedge finds

Getting the right flow

One IR from the CTA space looks at investor information flow and the best means of delivering it

Staying ahead on hedge fund innovation

This is a vital source of information for anyone working in the hedge fund technology space. We provide you with news on important trends and analysis on how your peers are adopting new technologies and dealing with tech-driven operational and compliance concerns and opportunities.

Canoe debuts AI-powered data management tool

Provider becomes latest to tap into appetite for automated extraction

Bloomberg enterprise business embraces web-based open data

New platform prioritises transparency and frictionless data delivery

Secret CTO: The hiring paradoxes

Competition for technologists has created conflicting expectations, says our anonymous columnist

The must-read brand for leading managers

Informed business intelligence service for the global alternative credit sector, providing exclusive news, informed analysis and considered opinion on a diverse array of alt credit strategies. We also provide detailed data on allocators active in this area and comprehensive performance data to benchmark your performance.

Vaping boom fuels double-digit Mudrick gains

An investment in vaping paid off big for Mudrick Capital Management last month, helping lift performance at the hedge fund known for its active involvement in bankruptcies.

Measuring bond liquidity using public holdings data

Public holdings give an extra insight into liquidity of corporate bonds.

When hybrids make sense

Direct lenders and private equity funds are combining fund finance facilities for a cradle-to-grave facility

Keeping your finger on the managed futures pulse

Supporting futures specialists and commodity traders, we provide practical advice on regional regulations impacting the sector and detailed analysis of influencing trends. By conducting regular interviews with peers and serious investors in the space, we ensure you have the latest insights and intelligence at your disposal.

Crypto fund ordered to pay $2.5m over Ponzi scheme

Case against Nicholas Gelfman is first Bitcoin action brought by CFTC

Silicon Wadi: Are Israeli quants still on the march?

Israeli experts warn that the quant industry is growing more slowly, but excitement remains

Alternative risk premia: six reasons to be careful

The strategy seems great on paper but may fail to deliver

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