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External help

For the smallest managers the compliance consultant is oft en in effect their CCO, and for larger managers, too, third parties play an important role in keeping everything shipshape. But identifying the right provider can present greater challenges than managers might expect. The Insights team wanted to identify the tasks managers are most likely to outsource to their consultant, those they are most likely to keep in-house and the key factors they consider when choosing a new provider. HFM investigates these trends and more in this final chapter.

Hiring and remuneration

Hiring new staff is one of the greatest challenges faced by executives in any profession, compliance included. And in the hedge fund industry it is getting harder still. Has the introduction of new regulatory regimes had a significant impact on hedge fund managers’ compliance hiring intentions? Mifi d II, for example, has certainly increased the workload for managers operating under its purview. In section three, the Insights team seeks to ease the task of hiring for managers on the lookout for compliance recruits.

The Challenges

As a compliance professional, keeping you and your colleagues up-to-date with new regulations and responsibilities can seem an endless challenge, and one that has grown in line with the increasing complexity of the regulatory environment. Relevant information can come from many sources but which is the most effective for managers? Which compliance professionals are struggling with communication issues when interacting with their teams and how do these issues change as the firm grows? All this and more is covered in this report’s second section.

The Role

The trend for hiring designated compliance staff and, beyond that, a dedicated chief compliance officer (CCO) is well known. However, little actual data exists on the extent and nature. How many compliance staff does the average hedge fund manager employ? How many managers have a dedicated CCO and what are the factors influencing their decision to create the role? These are some of the key questions addressed in our opening section as HFM seeks to quantify the scale and scope of the hedge fund compliance role.


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Rise of the CCO

A deep dive into the hedge fund compliance function and evolving role of the dedicated chief compliance officer


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2017 For CTOs

HFM conducted research for three technology themed Insights reports in 2017 focused on cyber-security, data centres and disruptive technologies. Research was gathered primarily between July and August 2017. In total, more than 60 firms operating in the hedge fund industry contributed to our research, including 50 who responded to our proprietary survey of senior hedge fund technology and operations staff.


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